Vaijyenti Gautam is a professional dancer and choreographer who trained under Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee Smt Geetanjali Lal.  A postgraduate from Indira Kala Sangeet University ,Khairagarh ,Madhya Pradesh and post diploma from Kathak Kendra, New Delhi (India’s prime national institute of kathak dance), Vaijyenti has been awarded prestigious titles such as ‘Kathak Nrityashree’, ‘Nrityamani’ , and ‘Lok Nirtyshree’ by various cultural organizations  for her excellence and  versatility in the field of Kathak. She has performed  and conducted Kathak workshops in various cities in India and abroad.

Vaijyenti has performed extensively in numerous cultural festivals some of which are follows:

·        Cultural Exchange Festivals in SAARC countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka                      ·        ICCR-sponsored cultural presentations in China, Japan,    Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom

·        Cuttack-Orissa  All-India Multi Lingual Drama & Dance Festival

·        24th National Integration Camp-1995 in Delhi

·        Allahabad Natya Festival

·        Khajuraho Mahotsava

·        Chennai  World Congress

·        World Transport, Tourism & Cultural Festival, Bangalore

·        Kurukshetra (Geeta Saar) Mahotsava

·        All- India Dance Festival, Shimla

·        Dept. of Youth Affairs, Sport, Art and Cultural Festival, Government of Goa

·        Transport & Tourism festival, New Delhi

·        Mahabharata Festival,  Bangalore

·        Raja Chakradhar Samaroh (Chau Dance Drama Mritunjay), Raigarh

·        Kathak Kendra Festivals 2002-2004

·        Virasat Festival, Mangalore

·        Malabar Festival, Calicut

·        Mudra Festival, Trivandrum

·        International Film Festival, 2006

·        Nityanjali Festival, Chidambaram

·        Brahanatyanjali Festival, Thanjavur

·        Ananya Festival , Purana Qila, New Delhi, 2006

·        Natyanjali Festival, Kumbhakonam

·        International Yoga festival, New Delhi, 2007




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