"Dance and the love of dance come from the heart and should be taught as an art combining technical advancement with the sheer enjoyment of movement."

            Nrityasharam providing Choreography services at your doorsteps. Each corporate professional or a businessman can really enjoy in their lives. Nrityasharam is Choreography Company wherein the focus has always been on Training In-person to Families, Professional Dancers and Anybody & Everybody who persevere the Passion of Dance at all the Time, Moods & Occasions. Nrityasharam is based on innovative and interactive methodologies derived from our experience of events in the corporate world. In effect, through Nrityasharam, we bring the Corporate to the floor and make them dance. 

Choreography Services :

           Nrityasharam specialize in wedding choreography, School choreography, colleges choreography corporate choreography, bollywood choreography, fashion shows, product launches and corporate workshops/classes.      

           Five, six, seven, eight . . . and one, two, three, four . . ." A dancer is used to hearing this kind   of rhythmic counting from their teachers and choreographers. Choreographers express ideas   through movement. We design dances, and create dance movement for  school and colleges students

           Nrityasharam specializes in all dance styles. Nrityasharam offer School annual days with varied choreography themes we translate stories, ideas and moods into various dance movements in school and college choreography. Our goal is to creatively communicate through the dance medium while taking into consideration the limits to which student’s bodies can be pushed. Nrityasharam often conducts rehearsals with performers to achieve desired interpretations of our work.


Wedding Choreography : 

                   The Nritysharam Wedding Choreographers specializes in choreography, teaching dances to all family members, friends and brides, grooms. Wedding is the most special time in one’s lifetime. Nrityasharam  creates a professionally choreographed unique and fun dance that you and your wedding function. Make it the most beautiful memories of your life. We provide wedding choreography instructors offering choreography for a diverse selection of today's most prominent dances on popular audio tracks. Nrityasharam  can also create a unique and memorable dance that you can perform for any occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or any other special event. Get the marriage ceremony professionally choreographed by dedicated family choreographer, hire a professional Marriage Choreographer. We also travel with you if required .Our company undertakes Wedding Choreography in many cities in India.  

Corporate choreography Services:


               Nrityasharam is a corporate choreography service provider company established by professionals to cater events where people want to learn dance either for fun, as classes so that they can perform, in order to loose weight, in order to de-stress themselves from their respective hectic work life or they just want to celebrate any moment where they feel happy.

                Be it corporate events, private parties, product launches, fashion shows, trade shows, special promotions, an unusual event which needs a special something to make it different, Nrityasharam  can provide all this for your company. Nrityasharam supplies client needs according to the event. We always present at all events to make sure everything goes well. The client comes first.With a wide range of choreography, we can provide dancers, promotional girls, trainers, acrobatic dancers, models, and hostesses. Nrityasharam has everything to cater for all clients needs no matter what the event, from music production for fashion shows, product launches and exhibitions. 


SOUND SYSTEMS FOR EVENTS:                                                                                   

We arrange sound systems for Events like Seminars, Conferences, Indoor & outdoor events, etc. these include latest branded equipment Sound System. We arrange Amplifiers, Mixer, Console, line array, Microphones, head phones, latest Music System etc


Light systems For Events: 

            We arrange lights for stage shows, festivals, school,colleges,wedding parties , cocktail parties.

Type of light we deals in :   

             UV Lights, Neon Lights, name gobos, sky tracer, par lights, SGM Delia, Scanners, crystal balls, city color, laser light, moving heads, moving heads, center piece etc.

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