Nrityashram is a professional institute of dance where we provide solutions for every need in the field of dance, traditional as well as modern. At Nrityashram we believe in communicating, educating and motivating our students, and achieving our dream of teaching and improving dancing skills of every student.

Nrityashram comprises of a group of Professional Dancers, Choreographers and Technicians headed by Vaijyenti and Dharmender Gautam. Nrityashram is renowned for their contribution in the field of dance and choreography in India as well as internationally.  Our young, energetic and friendly staff makes learning a pleasure.

  • Nrityashram has their own music recording studio, stage & light designers and costume experts for dance & drama.
  • Nrityashram has a professional way in creating dance troupes.

Based on mutual understanding and contract with your esteemed organization, Nrityashram will create a dance class schedule.  Short-term as well as long-term programs are designed to create the most suitable results for the organization.

Nrityashram aims to improve the dancing skills of each and every student with a unique concept and methodology of teaching the students at their own learning pace by giving each student enough time and attention in each and every class.      

Nrityashram will provide the following under Contract:

  • Provide qualified and experienced male and female dance teachers.
  • Nrityashram will use space provided by the school / institution.
  • School teachers will be trained by Nrityashram.
  • Nrityashram will design the best and most suitable program to yield the best results for the school / institutions.
  • Nrityashram will organize special demonstration classes for students by some of the best dancers in the country.
  • Nrityashram will provide status report of every student under teaching once in every 6 months to school / institutions.

We sincerely hope our proposal will be acceptable to your esteemed organization and that you will provide us an opportunity to serve you.



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